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Contra        Scandal

Name: Ezra Arenson

Genre: Bass Music  

Location: Denver, CO


Ezra Arenson, aka (Contra Scandal), has had a strong interest in creating music ever since he could remember. By starting with the violin at age 4, he was given a great opportunity and an awesome head start. His love and curiosity for music then pushed him to pick up the clarinet and guitar later in life.


He joined a metal band with a few friends where he riffed a Fender Stratocaster and played throughout the majority of high school. After graduating, he attended his first rave at Lovevolution 2009. This experience was so profound and he felt that he had finally found his niche.


He was immediately fascinated with the limitless boundaries of sounds. With artist influences such as Bassnectar, Caspa, and Rusko he began his journey of becoming a DJ. Electronic music was his calling. Here he is today with 5 years of solid production, live shows under his belt, and an endless ambition to create music for others to enjoy.

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