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Name: Justin Oliver & Tyler LaForett

Genre: Hip Hop

Location: Denver, CO


DTM  and YT met in 2013 and became  friends  very quickly.  The summer of 2014 came around and by this time, YT had already been doing music and shows but needed a hype man for an upcoming show, and DTM  accepted.


The  show ended  up not happening but the drive and desire to spread positivity and light through hip-hop music didn't. By the end of 2013, DYT had music recorded and a  show opening for the number one independent record label in history.


DYT released their first 8-song EP in the fall of 2014 and have opened for names such as Ces Cru, ¡Mayday!, Kutt Calhoun, Trizz, Stevie Stone & Flawless.


DYT stands for Do Yo Thang and they truly believe that you can do anything you set your mind  to and to never let any negative energy stop you from following your dreams.

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