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Name: Mike McTernan

Genre: Electro Soul Funk

Tortuga is a Denver based electronic music duo comprised Ryan Mahrer and Tyler Arndt.  We believe music is and should always be free.  Please listen download and subscribe.   


Members: Ryan Mahrer is a Colorado native who graduated from CSU in 2014. He is currently an employee at the Denver based branch of AEG Live - Rocky Mountains. Tyler Arndt is also a Colorado native who has gained his musical understanding as both and engineer and an entrepreneur via the SAE Institute of Technology in Atlanta.


Bio: As Tortuga, we aim to create music that can connect to the past, future and present, bringing elements from modern and contemporary creations.  Together we pull inspirations from our mutual love for blues, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and electronic music to fuse and meld our individual styles, into the eclectic mix you see here. We choose to maintain a grass rooted commitment to in house marketing, development and production and hope to build the Tortuga label organically, through local support. Have a listen at the links below.   



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