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Booking / Artist


Feel Good Management is in the business of helping artists grow to their fullest potential.  We are an artist management company that consults with the artist on everything related to the music industry.  This includes how to expose yourself and grow a fan base, how to pick the right shows to perform, how to put on a concert, and booking events for any occasion.  Feel Good Management is a full service artist management company established to assist artists with every aspect of becoming a successful artist in the music industry. 

Booking & Management 


Feel Good Management will guide the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. We will take on the responsibility to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of artists.  We will advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, such as the long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect artist’s careers.


These decisions can consist of career moves regarding bookings, promotion, business deals, recording contracts, etc.  We will do anything in our power to assist our artists to ensure each event runs smoothly.  Anything from running last minute errands to making sure we all get paid at the end of the night.  There is a lot to do for artists to become successful in this industry.  Please let me help you with the business side of the industry and you can spend more time producing music.



Here at Feel Good Management we will take care of helping artists with developing and unlocking value for their band, DJ, etc.  Its all about helping each artist with the business development side of the job.  We can help build brand equity to create direct revenue streams, as well as form strategic partnerships to create visibility. We will help advertise and promote each artist, which will help increase public awareness.

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Promotional Services

Feel Good Management will help promote artists in every aspect. We will promote artists and their upcoming events both on social media and out on the streets. Social media websites such as Facebook and SoundCloud offer a way to promote artists and their music in a more relaxed environment. This is direct marketing at its best. Social networks connect with a world of potential that can help gain exposure all around the world.  This is why here at Feel Good Management we will make social networking a top priority.


We will also work hard on the streets.  We will have a select group of people that will help with the street team.  This is where we will get any promotional material out on the streets.  Some examples of this could be handing out event flyers at high exposure events or hanging up posters around town.  Feel Good Management will represent their artists at all times and will continuously find ways to gain exposure. 

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